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a dedicated medico-legal
radiology service

We can provide you with expert opinion in all areas of diagnostic and interventional radiology, encompassing all modalities. We’re also able to assist with cases requiring opinion from radiographers and sonographers. ​


Why engage Remedy Radiology?


Our aim is to take the burden out of gaining radiological opinion for your case. We aim to make the process easy, smooth and efficient by:


  • We source the imaging for your client from the hospital or imaging provider, if requested by you. We are dedicated to following up the hospital or provider, rather than you or your team. We know this can be very time consuming and we want to give you that time back.

  • Accepting imaging in any format you have. We have no rules over how we receive the imaging, it can be on USB, CD, via dropbox or other file service links or via link to the imaging provider. 

  • How can we be so flexible? We have a state of the art, custom built radiology information system that means we work with the images directly. When our radiologist receives the case, they are provided with a simple link directly to the images without having to struggle with the technical side of downloading images or CDs etc. Given our radiologists have large clinical workloads, trying to sort through images provided in many different formats can often delay reports while the technical side of things is worked out. We remove that risk of delay and frustration.

  • Proving personalised, responsive and efficient service. Remedy Medico Legal has built a reputation on our service, and Remedy Radiology is no different. You will receive the same dedicated service from a knowledgeable and helpful team. 

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The areas of radiology we
can help with include:

Abdominal imaging

Breast imaging

Cardiac and chest imaging

Emergency radiology

Musculoskeletal imaging


Fetal imaging

Paediatric imaging

Obstetric & gynaecological imaging 

Our network of radiologists can read
all forms of images including:







Nuclear imaging  


To request an opinion from one of our experienced radiologists, please fill out the form below, or email us at making sure to include the details required below. The information requested will help us attend to your case as efficiently as possible.

Thanks for submitting!

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